Small Frigo Med Cooler Bag for Insulin Carrying

Small Frigo Med Cooler Bag for Insulin Carrying



Easy, fast and comfortable for cooling insulin, insulin pump and other medications.

Activates with cold water, does not require electricity: no need for a freezer or other freezing devices to cool it.

Easily cools in cool water at any time. Constant quality and hygiene assurance: internal pouch characterized with antibacterial impregnation.

Austrian product manufacturing.

- Internal Pocket

- External Bag

- Explanatory Flyer

1- Shake the bag to disperse the crystals evenly.

2- Place the inner bag in cold water for 5 minutes (duration of 5 hours at room temperature between 25 and 30 degrees).

3- The crystals will form a gel and the inner bag will be thicker.

4- Remove water surplus from the internal pocket.

5- Place refrigerated insulin inside the internal pocket. Then, the internal pocket into the outer bag.