Glucose Gel Wellion Gold

Glucose Gel Wellion Gold




Glucose, fructose and sucrose.

Glucose Gel Gold Wellion is a composition of three sugars that act at different times in the body, maintaining balanced glucose levels and preventing their peaks.

Glucose has fast action and is immediately synthesized by the body.

The second step consists in the use of Fructose, which maintains the effect on the body, preventing the blood glucose level from falling rapidly.

Finally the body absorbs the Sucrose, which keeps the blood sugar level stable for longer.


This way, possible hypoglycemia consequences are avoided and there is more time to perform control actions and medical care.

- Side marking ensures an accurate dose.

- Immediate and lasting effect: Rapid onset of action and prolonged effect due to the presence of three types of sugars: glucose, fructose and sucrose.

- Sealing and safety screw cap: Easy closure prevents leaks.

- Immediate energy replacement: rapid effect in the body.

- Glucose Gel Wellion Gold acts fast and is simple to use: just open the packaging tube and place the opening in your mouth or in the oral mucosa and squirt the content with two fingers.

The package protects the contents from external influences such as pressure and water.

This product is a perfect companion for times when you are away from home or playing sports, such as running and cycling.