50 Gluco Calea Animal Glucose Test Strips

50 Gluco Calea Animal Glucose Test Strips



Specific test strips for Gluco Calea Animal Blood Glucose Meter by Wellion.

It comes with 3 chips (cats, dogs and horses) inside it’s package. Using the specific chip for each species, you can get accurate results in 5 seconds.

Why use a specific glucose meter for pets?

Because different types of animal require a specific calibration for blood glucose measuring:

Using a cat, dog or horse bloods in a glucose meter designed for humans may lead to inaccurate test results, meaning that results displayed on the screen can be considerably lower.

A blood glucose meter for human has a calibration for human blood parameters and evaluates only the blood sugar levels in humans. This result differs from results in cats, dogs or horses. For reliable result for your pet, you should use blood glucose meter calibrated for these animals.

Gluco Calea respects all these differences and is calibrated especially for cats, dogs and horses.

It makes yours and your pet’s life much more calm and peaceful.