Alternating Pressure Mattress (Anti Bedsores)

Alternating Pressure Mattress (Anti Bedsores)



 The alternating pressure mattress is the ideal solution to avoid the appearance of bedsores in bedridden patients.

 It has a positive role in the prevention and cure of bedsores (decubitus ulcer or pressure sore) caused in bedridden patients. The mattress causes the same body area is in contact with different degrees of pressure simultaneously. Helping to minimize pressure peaks, protecting the risk areas.

The pressure distribution in the body by the alternating pressure is performed periodically every 5 minutes by the engine and the movement of inflating and deflating mattress cells stimulates circulation in the bloodstream of the patient's skin.

Easy to use.

Ultra silent air pump was developed to minimize the noise.

Designed with rounded corners for safety reasons.

The motor has a hook behind the air pump to easily place it in beds.

PVC materials (EN 71, non-toxic) - Thickness: 0.35 MM.

Size: 200 x 94 centimeters (inflated).

Height of the inflated mattress: 7cm.

- Removable waterproof cover.

- Supports up to 135 kg (only product in the market to resist such weight).

- Accompanies kit for small repairs.

- An air pump (1 year warranty).

- An anti bedsore mattress bubble model (6 months warranty).

- Instruction manual